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The Seafarers Mission in Eemshaven opened a charging point this week for electric bikes. The charging point was officially taken into use on Thursday, 27th of September by the CEO of Groningen Seaports, Cas König together with the mayor of the Eemsmond county, Marijke van Beek by revealing the sign ‘FREE CHARGING POINT FOR ELECTRIC BIKES” and the connection of two electric bikes. Cas König also revealed a sign with all sponsors of the Seafarers Mission for the year 2018/2019. Earlier this year, 52 solar panels were added to the already existing 48 solar panels on the roof of the Seafares Mission. This makes the MIssion self-sufficient in terms of energy. Even in years with less sunlight. These solar panels could not be places without the donations of our sponsors. In order to share the energy that has been generated from our solar panels with others, the Seafarers Mission now offers a place to rest and a place to chare an electric bike. The charging point is located under the emergency stairs on the west side of the building. This makes it the most norhtern charging point for electric bikes ans is located right next to the cycling route ‘Kiek over Diek’ (Take a look on the other side of the dike).

Photo: (c) Koos Boertjens