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The Seafarers Mission in Eemshaven welcomed nearly 300 visitors during an Open Harbour Day organised by Groningen Seaports on Saturday June 23rd. During this day, visitors could take a look at different companies located in Eemshaven, take a look at a wind turbine and make a bus tour and a cruise through the harbour.  

Also the Seafarers Mission took part in this open day and welcomed people to show them what we are doing, why we are doing this and more importantly: how they could get involved. Visitors were offered free coffee, tea and cake during this open day. Nearly 300 visitors took the opportunity to visit us which meant that this was a very successful open day. Some of the visitors were surprised that the Seafarers Mission is run by volunteers and are potentially wanting to join.

The Seafarers Mission

The Seafarers Mission in Eemshaven is an initiative of the Merchant Pastor Foundation Groningen and is being run by around 45 volunteers. Those volunteers are the force behind the mission and the main reason why the Seafarers Mission is open seven days per week. In the Seafarers Mission, seafarers (and truck drivers) are offered a home far away from home. This means that they can relax with a drink, watch TV, play a board game or billiards and get in touch with home. The Seafarers Mission in Eemshaven is founded in 1999 and since 2004 it is located in its current building. Around 10.000 seafarers visit the mission each year. As a result of the wind industry the number of visitors is increasing. The mission is sponsored by local businesses, churches and public donations.