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The Seafarers Mission Eemshaven has got a new taxi bus to transport Seafarers between their ship and the Seafarers Mission. Buying a new taxi bus was made possible with special help of the International Transport Workers’ Federation, ITF. They sponsored €22,500,-. The old taxi bus was 18 year old and was replaced on December 3rd.

Due to the lack of public transport, the Seafarers Mission Eemshaven provided transport for seafarers between their ship and the Seafarers Mission. This transportation was done with an 18-year old bus that needed replacement urgently. Due to a contribution from the ITF of €22,500–, the bus could be replaced. The bus has been delivered by car company Schipper in Roodeschool and the livery was done by Noorderlicht Reclame. On December 3rd, the bus was handed by mr. Jan Lijnema from car company Schipper to mr. Pastoor from the Seafarers Mission. This happened under the presence of 2/3 of our volunteers. The old van was put/pushed on a trailer and taken away. The ITF The InternationalN Transport Workers’ Federaton is a international umbrella organization for unions and confederations that protect the interests of employees of the transportation sector in more than 150 countries. In total the ITF represents about 4,6 million employees. The ITF also proects the interests of transport unions in multiple Governing Bodies. They also provide information and play a key role in providing counseling to unions in the devleopment of the transportation industry. Moreover, the ITF organises international solidarity actions in case of conflicts between member unions and employers of governments. Finally, the ITF supports the well-being of seafarers by providing financial support. The Seafarers Mission The Seafares Mission Eemshaven is an initiative of the Merchant Pastoral Foundation Groningen. It is runned by approximatly 25 to 30 volunteers who make it possible that the Seafarers Mission is opened 7 days a week. Seafarers and Truck drivers can visit the mission to relax in a house-like environment. Whilst drinking a beer and eat a snack, they can watch TV, play a game, have a chat or contact their beloved ones. The Seafarers Mission was founded in 1999 and is located in the current building since 2004. Every year, the Seafarers Mission welcomes around 10.000 visitors. Developments in wind energy solutions are key to the current visitor count. At the end of the year, around Christmas, all Seafarers staying over in Eemshaven will receive a Christmas gift. Local companies are supporting this.