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As of Thursday, June 25th, the Immigration office of the Koninklijke Marechaussee is now settled in the Service Centre in Eemshaven, located at the Borkumweg 6-02. From here all activities regarding the security of the Dutch border will be executed, including issuing visas.

The office in Eemshaven is opened daily from 07:00h. until 22:00h. Between 22:00h. and 07:00h. all activities are taken over by the border patrol. From the location in Eemshaven, the immigration office will check persons who travel to or from the Netherlands. Also the immigration office in Eemshaven will issue visas.

On request of the Stichting Bedrijfsbelangen Eemshaven (BBE), Groningen Seaports – the owner of the Eemshaven port – did research to the possibilities of having a manned immigration office in Eemshaven. Due to Eemshaven’s current position as an offshore windfarm port, the physical presence of the immigration service is an important added value. The current office of the immigration service in Delfzijl is not being closed, but since last week they are no longer issuing visas.

(Source: Eemskrant)